diet feeders

Single auger diet feeders

4 m³ - 16 m³

Trailed diet feeders with single vertical mixing auger – the solution for small and medium farms. The ALIMAMIX EVOLUTION users are very pleased with low power requirement, that brings savings in fuel consumption. Another important aspect is the feed quality and the short time of mixing and preparation of homogenous TMR. It translates to better health condition, fertility and yield of cows.

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Twin-Auger Diet Feeders

12 m³ - 30 m³

ALIMAMIX EVOLUTION twin-auger diet feeders are a proposal for large livestock farms. The range of the offer includes machines with a capacity of 12 m³ to 30 m³. A separate series are the EVOLUTION TWIN, lowered twin-auger feeders, with a single axle. It is dedicated to the owners of old livestock buildings. These machines show excellent efficiency, precise mixing of feed and distribution.

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Triple auger diet feeders

33 m³ - 46 m³

Triple-auger ALIMAMIX EVOLUTION diet feeders are a proposal for the largest livestock farms. Due to dimensions, heavy loads and special requirements for equipment, we design every machine individually. We are the manufacturer of one of the largest diet feeder in the Europe with capacity of 50 m³.

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Stationary diet mixers

8 m³ - 50 m³

ALIMA BIS has been recognized for decades as the diet feeders manufacturer. A natural development of this range of machines are stationary mixers, which were created on the basis of mobile, already proven constructions. WE can boast of many installations, both on Polish and foreign markets.

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  • Weighing system with TMR Tracker access and electronic scale
  • Additional stainless steel layer on mixing basket walls
  • QuickCut blade
  • Steinless steel on auger - edge or whole surface
  • Auger sweep arm
  • Magnet
  • The EVO PAD remote control panel
  • Discharge door with elevator – 0.8-1.7m elevator length
  • Full cross conveyor – front or rear fitment
  • Discharge door – multiple available positions