alima bis

since 1989


We supply food industry and agriculture sector
with products and technologies necessary
at each stage of milk processing.

Agricultural machinery

We are a leading Polish manufacturer of diet feeders, manure spreaders and bale processors.

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We specialize in manufacturing of technical highly advanced membrane systems and technologies for food industries – in particular dairy.

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We produce and deliver to global markets high-quality milk blends and whey powder.

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about us

We are a family owned & operated company with almost 35 years of experience, that supports the food & dairy sector as well as cattle breeders, by providing agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies necessary at every stage of sourcing and milk processing.

One of our branch is the agricultural machinery manufacturing, necessary in dairy farms and agriculture: ALIMAMIX EVOLUTION diet feeders – stationary and mobile, EVO SPREADER manure spreaders and EVO COMFORT 2.0 bale processors.

We specialize in membrane separation technology, focusing on the processing technologies development in the food and dairy sector factories, as well as water filtration and recycling processes.

In our three milk powders manufacturing plants, we use highly advanced technology to produce milk blends and whey powders. We are the Polish Chamber of Milk member.

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