about us




Since 1989 we supply food industry and agriculture, based on technologies necessary at each stage of milk processing.

  • We have six production plants in four locations in Poland: Środa Wielkopolska, Góra, Złotów and Podgórze near Łomża.
  • We are experts in the food processing technology.
  • The certificates we hold, such as ISO 9001, IFS FOOD confirm the highest quality of our products.
  • Our team based on qualified engineers, constructors and specialists in many brands.
  • The ALIMA GROUP products and technologies are available in 41 countries on 5 continents.
  • ALIMA-BIS and related companies: ALIMA MILK, specializing in the production of milk powders, and ALIMA PACK, providing packaging and palletizing solutions, together form the ALIMA GROUP.




  • Decades of experience, knowledge in the agricultural engineering and cooperation with livestock farms, contributing to the agricultural machinery and farm equipment production development.
  • Expert knowledge in the food processing technology, especially in dairy sector.
  • Production plants equipped with the most modern devices and membrane technologies,such as Microfiltration (MF), Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Electrodialysis (ED), designed and built according to our proprietary solutions.
  • The raw materials and components from selected European suppliers.
  • A professional team of qualified employees, 5 production plants, 4 locations in Poland.
  • Presence on global markets and high brand recognition.




  • June 19, Tadeusz Łuczak establishes a company and starts selling casein, and then milk coolers.

  • The company moves to a new headquarters in Środa Wielkopolska. The production of all types of cooler tank increases, and the company quickly achieves the status of a leader in Poland. The sale of milking installations also begins.

  • New facilities and departments are created, and the range of products is expanding. From a trading company, ALIMA-BIS is transformed into a production, trade and service company.

  • The Department of Food Processing Technology is established, supplying dairies and food industry in membrane devices and technologies.

  • Modernization of the dairy, purchased in 2003, begins, where a whey powder plant is soon built in Góra. Office space is growing in Środa Wielkopolska, the plant is being modernized, and new production halls are being built.

  • The production of agricultural machinery dedicated to cattle breeders begins. At that time, the department supplying dairy farms with halls, installations and milking robots is still developing.

  • The Department of Agricultural Machinery is developing, which has made a completely new, blue EVOLUTION and started the production of a series of diet feeders and other agricultural equipment.

  • Opening of the Agriculture Service Center in Podgórze, near Łomża - a service and advisory point for breeders and entrepreneurs from all over Podlasie and the surrounding area. At this time, further expansion of the production halls in Środa Wielkopolska is underway.

  • The ALIMA MILK AND WHEY POWDERS brand is established, promoting our whey powder on markets around the world. Earlier, in 2017, whey production was launched in a new powder plant in Złotów.