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Our 30-year history is an intense development from a small company to a company, whose products and technologies are available on 5 continents in 35 countries. Today, operating in 4 locations in Poland and having 4 production plants, we supply agriculture and the food industry with technologies which are necessary at every stage of milk processing.

We have also been a producer of high quality whey powder for over 16 years. It began modestly, from a few employees, sales of casein, then milk coolers, milk collection stations and milking installations, but above all, the story of ALIMA began from the clear vision of the Founder and President – Tadeusz Łuczak.

The company was developing at a rapid pace – new facilities, departments were created and, what was most important, the range of products expanded. From a trading company, ALIMA has evolved to a full-size production and commercial-service profilled company.

An important point in the development of the Company was the establishment of the Department of Food Technology and Techniques, supplying dairies and the food industry with membrane devices (currently Food Processing Technology).

The production and sale of feed mixers, manure spreaders, trailers and bedding machines  within the separate Department of Agricultural Machinery became the second extremely important direction of activity for company.

At that time, the Agricultural Service Department continued to develop (currently the Milk Acquisition Department), supplying dairy farms with halls, installations and milking robots as well as other necessary equipmen for breeding dairy cattle.

In 2005, from ALIMA’s structures, an engineering  department was separated, creating a new independent company: Alima Pack Systemy Pakowania –  a company established for dealing in sales and engineering related to complete packaging lines and palletizing systems.

Due to the high demand for equipment for dairy farms in the most dairy region of Poland – Podlasie, the Management Board decided to open in 2012 in Podgórze village, near Łomża city, a Center for Agricultural Service (COR). The main purpose of this branch is supplying farmers from the eastern part of Poland with agricultural machines, cooling tanks, milking installations and other equipment and spare parts for dairy farmers. COR also guarantees the service of these devices and provides after-sales care.

The ALIMA Group is recognized worldwide also by two modern whey powder plants, located in the cities: Góra and Złotów. In 2018, the ALIMA WHEY POWDER brand was created, for  stronger promotion of ALIMA’s whey powder on the markets worldwide, for a wider range of customers.

We are proud of our achievements and we believe that over the next years we will be equally effective in serving Polish and global industry and agriculture. We would like to thank you all:  our clients, partners and, above all, employees for these wonderful and successful 30 years.

Let’s keep this story together!