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EVO SPREADER series is designed for operation in heavy conditions. Thanks to single axle system with big ‘tractor’ wheels, EVO manages to work successfully on every field. EVO SPREADER is built to spreader manure, compost, lime or chicken manure. Double bitter adapter gives constant and even spreading and cover on the ground with width of spreading of 12m.

Additional feature is removable adapter what easily convert spreader into trailer with additional side extenders. Special adapter for lime is an option to wide spreading.

EVO SPREADER as well as other ALIMA machines  has been designed and built by group of company engineers, designers and fitters. Our products are combination of great experience and neverending will to achieve perfection.

ALIMA machines consist of  part delivered by top producers in the world.


We produce spreaders from 6 to 16 tons of capacity, with a rich standard and optional equipment.

The values in the table are approximate, some given values may vary depending on the equipment. The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications, types and dimensions without notification.