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The Evo Comfort bedding machines allow you to chop hay and straw bales as well as silage. They perfectly cope with both compressed and rolled material in bales, as well as formed into cubes. They significantly shorten the working time of the operator thanks to the efficient ejection system of shredded straw and improve the welfare of the animals, ensuring an even distribution of the cut material.

Evo Comfort uses a hydraulically lifted tailgate mounted at the back of the machine. Thanks to it, the bale is fed to the grinding chamber. The lower part of the chamber floor is equipped with a chain-slat conveyor that moves the bales towards a horizontal shredding roll equipped with knives. The control of all machine elements, the intensity of the discharge, is carried out using the remote control from the tractor cab. The discharge sleeve can be directed to the right or left, and thanks to its construction, the operator can easily adjust the ejection stream horizontally and vertically. Thanks to this, it is possible to precisely adjust the distance to which the chaff is to be ejected and the angle of ejection. A variation of the Evo Comfort machine is the Evo Comfort + straw blower, that allows one-time loading and fragmentation of three bales.


Straw blowers [bedding machines]: The EVO COMFORT CUT and EVO COMFORT CUT FIX are based on the proven EVO COMFORT line.

The new models have been upgraded by an additional system of cutting and shredding by two (COMFORT CUT) or three (COMFORT CUT FIX) sets of counter knives. Each set consists of 6 or 7 knives. In addition, 5 or 6 knives are placed on each of the six rotor blades, which ensures that the material is cut into short sections. Adjustable and rotating (rotation by an angle of 220°) chimney in EVO COMFORT CUT and built-in right-handed ejection system [in the EVO COMFORT CUT FIX] allows you to throw the shredded material to a distance of up to 15 m.