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ALIMAMIX EVOLUTION PRO are designed for those, who expect the highest quality of workmanship, and a wide range of additional equipment from modern TMR feed mixer. During the stage of designing, we used our many years of experience and innovative solutions.

The series includes single-auger machines from 8 to 16 m3, and twin-auger machines from 12 to 30 m3. Three-auger machines are made to order.
Noteworthy is the short frame and drawbar with a latch that has the ability to adjust the height and set the upper or lower position. This allows for easier connection to the tractor and increases the maneuverability of the set.
The construction of the tub and mixing augers has also changed, which allows for even better cutting and mixing of fodder. The discharge windows have been enlarged, up to 110 cm, and the width of the unloading belt up to 90 cm. The modifications significantly affects on the fluency of feeding.
The comfort of work is increased by a new type of inspection ladder with a comfortable footstep and a weight indicator placed on a movable arm with the adjustment range angle of 220 degrees. Machine management is facilitated by the new EVO PAD remote control, to control all machine functions. All machine systems have been covered and secured with a closed lid, lifted in a convenient way, using a gas actuator, which significantly facilitates maintenance and access.

The height may change depending on the axles and tires used;. The parameters contained in the folder are approximate and are for information purposes only. The use of a discharge door on one side of the machine increases the overall width by 20 cm. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification, type and dimensions without notification. Dimensions of three-augers mixers are selected individually.