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A series of ALIMAMIX EVOLUTION TWIN feed mixers is dedicated for medium-sized farms. EVOLUTION TWIN ALIMAMIXers are machines equipped with two mixing augers and a single axle.

Thanks to special design, the farmer has the option of using a lower machine with much larger production capacities. EVOLUTION TWIN is a response to the needs of customers who have old-type livestock buildings, and size of the herd. The EVOLUTION TWIN series includes 12, 14 and 16 m3 capacities.

The height may change depending on the axles and tires used;. The parameters contained in the folder are approximate and are for information purposes only. The use of a discharge door on one side of the machine increases the overall width by 20 cm. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification, type and dimensions without notification. Dimensions of three-augers mixers are selected individually.