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ALIMAMIX EVOLUTION LITE is a new series of feed mixers designed for small and medium farms. The robust design combined with small dimensions makes it an excellent proposition, where next to the durability and reliability of the machine a high maneuverability of the set is necessary.

It becomes possible in Evo Lite mixers thanks to its compact construction and the use of a especially designed chassis, which considerably increases the possibility of turning and makes it significantly easier to operate the machine. The small width of the mounted axle allows LITE mixers to be used in barns/cowsheds, where we deal with narrow feed corridors. The ability to rotate and change the position of the drawbar’s hitch allows it to be mounted in both the upper and lower positions.

Evolution Lite is equipped with one, compact planetary gear. The auger’s work system and its speed was adjusted for optimal straw cutting, mixing and efficiently throwing away the ready-made TMR. Evolution Lite has a weighing system, thanks to which dosing of nutrients and making a full-valued TMR becomes more precise.

An option is to equip the machine with the front cross-conveyor instead of using the side discharge doors. Evo Lite feed mixers are available in 8 m3, 10 m3 and 12 m3 versions.

The height may change depending on the axles and tires used;. The parameters contained in the folder are approximate and are for information purposes only. The use of a discharge door on one side of the machine increases the overall width by 20 cm. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification, type and dimensions without notification. Dimensions of three-augers mixers are selected individually.